Dog Groomer

For your spoiled little furry son or daughter, or your rowdy loud one, we have a grooming station made just for that. We have all the means and equipment to productively work on grooming your small dog and leaving looking and smelling fresh.For the large dogs with a ton of fur, we have a grooming station designed specifically for that. For the dogs that are stubborn and will do just about anything to avoid being washed or groomed, we have professionals precisely for those type of dogs. We provide grooming and all grooming services for the big dogs both calm and rowdy because we love dogs and constantly work towards understanding dogs and providing services to make a dog feel comfortable.

Our entire team has a passion for dogs and working with dogs. We have innovative ways of making sure your dog is relaxed while it is getting groomed and we make sure your dog looks clean and fresh every time it comes to our salon.

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